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About Us

Welcome to Valeo Wellness Coaching, LLC  where we elevate you  to your optimal state of health and wellness; physically, mentally and spiritually.  There is no separation of the three aspects of your well-being.

When you decide to use Valeo Wellness Coaching, LLC we help you determine what health and wellness should look like for you.  In fact, your coach becomes your ally and collaborator as we devise methods to achieve your success.

Everyone intuitively knows that health choices now will determine your future health and wellness, but sometimes we need a little help in making it a part of our daily lives. Wellness coaching is a necessary adjunct to traditional medicine. The truth is that, despite the many wondrous advances medicine has made, preventable disease and illness is occurring at a young age and the life expectancy for this generation is shorter than previous generations (1,2). That is an alarming reality.

By contacting a Valeo Wellness Coach you are able to get to the root of any challenges keeping you from that healthy lifestyle.

Valeo Wellness Coaching is the missing link in your healthy journey through life.

Ref: [1. New Engl J of Med 352; 11; A Potential Decline in Life Expectancy in the US in the 21st Century; Olshansky, jay et al. March 17, 2005. 2. US Dept of HHS; NIH, National Institute on Aging, Obesity Threatens to Cut US Life Expectancy, New Analysis Suggests; Dollemore, Doug March 16, 2005].

Dayna J. Smith, MD

Hi, I am  Dr. Dayna Smith, MD; founder and CEO of Valeo Wellness Coaching, LLC. I am a practicing board certified physician in obstetrics and gynecology. I have been practicing now for over ten years and I love what I do. I continue to see patients regularly. I am happy to now offer services as a wellness coach. After learning more about the field of wellness coaching I developed an immediate interest. I pursued additional training at the Mayo Clinic Wellness Coaching Center under the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine. I have found this to be a perfect adjunct to my field. Not as a model for treating illness, but as a tool to promote healthy behavioral changes. Myself and my team of wellness coaches are here to help you reclaim your health, one choice at a time. Contact us today for your free consultation.

**Dr. Smith and her team of wellness coaches do not provide medical care. Coaching are one on one sessions designed to promote behavioral changes.**


What is a health and wellness coach?

A Valeo wellness coach is one who works with clients to bring about an optimal state of health and well being. A wellness coach is not a physician, therapist or counselor. We are your coach. The process of coaching is collaboration between coach and client. Through this process the goals of each client is determined and the path to achieving those goals are established. We then work on developing habits and action steps that will get you to your goal.