5 Ways to Embrace Type 2 Diabetes

5 Ways to Embrace Type 2 Diabetes

Now some people reading this may feel offended by this statement. They may think, what right does she have to tell me to embrace something that has become a thorn in my side. She’s not the one that has to deal with checking her sugars or watching her carbohydrate intake. How dare she? To that I say, you’re right. I am not the one that is dealing with this directly. But I do know what it is like to have a strong desire to stay healthy and have your body and your genetics work against that plan.

Until we learn to embrace our challenges, however, it will continue to be a source of anger and frustration. Which leads to even more unhealthy behaviors and more detriment to our health.

That being said, here are the Type 2 Breakthrough’s 5 Ways to Embrace Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes:

1. …compels me to live healthy.

Diabetes is a difficult disease. It requires constant monitoring of the glucose load placed on the body. Any glucose in excess of what is metabolized may hang out in the circulation where it can cause damage to the tiny vessel walls and cells of the body. Constant vigilance is required to stay healthy. What most people fail to recognize is that this vigilance improves your overall health. The fact that diabetes has forced you to develop healthy habits improves the body’s functional capability and adds to your overall health and well being. Compared to someone who is more casual about their health, you’re developing habits that will take you well into your twilight years in a better state of health. The earlier these habits are developed the greater the impact on your lifetime’s health.

2. … shows me the power I have over my body.

It is interesting, if one were to ask one hundred people, “Which would you rather have, an illness that is erratic in course, or one that is predictable in nature and responsive to your daily habits”. Ok, probably all will say neither. But if forced to choose between the two, most would choose the latter. Type 2 diabetes is one of the few illnesses that is truly responsive to the habits of the individual. It gives you complete control. By controlling your daily habits, you will have control of type 2 diabetes.

3. …reminds me how well my body and life works when there is a perfect balance.

Our body needs just the right amount of glucose to provide energy for our daily needs and not too much that hangs out with nothing to do. We maintain this perfect balance with just the right amount of intake vs expenditure, i.e exercise. A body that is in balance will function better than a well-oiled machine. It will reward you with feelings of strength and euphoria. Not to mention the ultimate reward of long life.

4. …allows me to savor the sweet stuff!

How well do you enjoy something you experience everyday? Probably not as well as you would enjoy it if it were handed to you on an infrequent basis. Sweets are part of the good stuff of life. Most people really savor and enjoy these moments of indulgence. The fact that it is something that is enjoyed less frequently in the life of a type 2 diabetic, makes it all the more satisfying. So, relax and treat yourself, (every now and then), to that oh so delicious, ridiculously rich, sweet thing that takes you to that special place.

5.  … reveals my true strength.

Can you think of any better opportunity to show your strength than to take charge of your health? I can’t. It brings on such a natural high, knowing that you have created the health and wellness you have envisioned. It is not just a testament of your own strength, both physical and mental, but it also serves as an inspiration for your friends, family and colleagues. And the person you would have impressed the most is you!

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