Dayna J. Smith, MD


Dr. Dayna Smith, MD became very concerned as she saw patients enter her doors with health complaints and diseases, many of which were preventable. She instinctively knew that there was a way to affect changes in patients’ lives before they entered her door with ailments and disease. For that reason, she founded Valeo Wellness Coaching, LLC. Not as a medical model to treat illness, but as a wellness model to help others change their lifestyle to prevent illness*.

She and her coaches do not treat diseases, they help you prevent it. Dr. Smith has been inspired by the changes she sees once individuals have gone through the coaching process. Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity are all under better control and may even be eliminated all together.  You may not be diagnosed with any illness but feel that your health can be improved. Stress, conflicts and weight management may be preventing you from reaching your state of pure wellness bliss.

Proper nutrition, exercise, proper rest and stress management are all a part of the plan that Dr. Smith and her coaches develop with you to help you ward off disease or better manage illnesses you may have.

Type 2 Breakthrough, Health Haven and Stress*Less Symphony are the programs designed with your specific lifestyle challenges in mind. At Valeo Wellness Coaching, LLC, choosing the best program for you is what Dr. Smith and her team does with you.

I am ready to take the first step!

* Wellness Coaches do not provide medical care. Coaching are one on one sessions to promote habit changes.